Glynhill Hotel, Glasgow Wedding Photographer and Videographer Package 3


They have loveliest family and the most wonderful friends but did they have to party so long and so hard? Did it have to be the rave of the century? Did there have to be a day after? Well what are friends and family for but to make the bride and groom suffer? Everyone made it a fabulous day and night to remember before the bride and groom headed off to Las Vegas for loads of fun in the sun and as many Elvis look-a-likes as there slot machines. And while they were away we put up their website so they could view in Las Vegas and no matter how big your mustang how many brides and grooms have their own website? view it here and right now by clicking this link www.mrandmrsquigleyswedding.co.uk

August 21st 2016 Rosslea Hall Hotel Package 3


A fusion of east and west, marrying the traditions of two cultures in an amazing and colourful wedding ceremony. It was a creative, solemn, exchange of vows that was individual and all the more binding. And after that it was party on with another fusion, this time of music and dancing. As you can imagine the bride and groom have friends and relatives from all over the world and they can all very easily view the whole day by simply going into www.mrandmrsfosterwedding.com Just click the link to see how convenient and easy it is. Video following soon and another fusion of east and west.


Saturday 6th August 2016 Springkell House Lockerbie Package 6 video only


When the bride and groom viewed this video they saw so much more of their wedding day than just the scenes where they were present. It’s a fly on the wall documentary style that captures just about everything that happened so they can appreciate what a great day it was and how much everyone enjoyed it all, even when they were not present as a married couple and even before the ceremony when they were “individuals” waiting for the big moment. View video

Saturday 30 July 2016 Collessio Hotel Stirling Package 6 video only


We produced a very nice documentary style video for Michelle and Brian’ wedding at the this very delightful wedding venue on the cobbled road upto the castle. We had photographed and videoed and number of weddings at venues in the immediate area of the Stirling Castle and somehow the style, history and character of this Scottish landmark permeates through the weddings. We captured all of the wedding upto the first dance so the bride and groom could see all that happened and that includes a lot that they did not see themselves! So it s refreshing look at their great day both for them and anyone that views the video. View video

Mr and Mrs Borland’s Wedding. Saturday July 22nd 2016. Bothwell Bridge Hotel. Video and photography package 3


They had the greatest of day of their lives with impeccable weather. The venue was wonderful! The guests were brilliant fun! The speeches were witty! The food was everything a great feast should be! And they danced like there was no tomorrow! Everything ran on time, even the bride! So what could have been better? Nothing at all! It’s people that make a wedding, that make it very special, that make it wonderful and the website shows just that. www.mrandmrsborlandswedding.co.uk. Contemporary, convenient and the best way all of your friends and relatives can view your photography for years to come without forgetting useless passwords and user names from yesteryear photographers. Your own personal website beats all! Now lets see the movie! Please click this link to a low res version of the HD broadcast quality DVD for screening over the internet. Now click this link to their complimentary messages DVD included free in all our video and photography combined packages.

Mr and Mrs Cadman’s Wedding. Crowne Plaza Hotel Saturday July 23rd 2016 video and photography package 3


We could talk about the ceremony in the family church and yes it was sincere and very beautiful and we could talk about the speeches that were long and witty and we could say how handsome Chris was and how beautiful Karen looked! We could also mention the artists, the DJ and the high alcoholic content of the soda stream and the quantity of lovely food in a very trendy Glasgow venue on the waterfront!

Nowhere in the world rocks like Glasgow on a wedding night and we heard heads suffered for days after. Rest in Peace all you hell bent party goers! Here it all is as it happened. A full on Glasgow wedding in the middle of Glasgow with hardly a tree in sight. Anything but a leafy castle wedding! Here it all is for this international couple. Their own website with a complex domain name of their own choosing www.karenandchriscadmanwedding230716.co.uk. But when you look it all makes sense! So no more gassing on! Click the link and see it all for yourself as will all of their friends and relatives wherever they are, with the minimum of fuss and thankfully no password or user name to get wrong!

We supply a complimentary messages or marryoke video with all our photography and video packages so please click this link to see Karen and Chris’s messages video. Now having seen the website, read the book and got the Tshirt click this link and see the main video.All our videos are in broadcast quality HD but viewed from our website they are in low res for playing over the internet. We would be pleased to arrange a meeting if you would like to see HD video portfolio.

Moorpark House Glasgow Wedding Photographer Package One Friday 29th July 2016


Everyone dreams of a dream wedding in Spain. But what Mr and Mrs Bishopp wanted was a dream wedding in Scotland and they got it! Rather than the unbelievably hot, 40 plus you would expect in Spain, the home of the bride and groom they enjoyed a very pleasant 20 in the wonderful grounds of the Moorpark House. The cool shade and vibrant colours were a spectacular backdrop to this very special wedding. Hey ho! But why talk about it when a picture is equal to a 1000 words and all you have to do is click this link www.mrandmrsbishoppswedding.co.uk and all is revealed for all their friends to see, here in Scotland, over there in Spain and just ahout anywhere in the world. It’s the contemporary and most convenient way to let everyone see how great was the wedding day from getting ready to ambulances at dawn!

Katie and Irvine’s Wedding July 16th 2016 Tinto House Hotel

video screen shot copy

For Dynamic Video Productions we filmed Katie and Irvine’s wedding at the Tinto House Hotel. We used our fly on the wall documentary style coupled to good music from the best artists and bands. The combination creates a feel good factor that makes great, interesting viewing and lets everyone at the wedding see the moments they did not see when they were there! What did the groom do while I was on way my in the car? Did she look cool in the nice limo? what were the boys doing while we ere being photographed? How was my speech? Only a video can really capture what was happening. Judge for yourself click here

Glasgow wedding photographer and videographer combined Package 3. Vu Bathgate July 8th 2016

Scott and Jades wedding was a day full of surprises as their website and video highlights! Even the lovely bride had no idea she would be arriving at Vu in a horse and carriage. I was kept on my toes capturing it all in video and photography and ensuring that all went exactly to plan. Years of experience has taught me that ensuring the day runs to the timeline is a great maxim for a a great wedding. Although you have to admit that it is fashionable to be late! You can check their website and all that happened by very simply clicking this link www.mrandmrsrenwickswedding.co.uk.  Which is exactly what all their friends and family will do across the UK and the globe and is so much more convenient that having to suffer old technology and going to the photographer’s own website and entering user names and passwords and viewing mini photographs. Very old school! To see their video please go to our video page and its top left.

Package Four Wedding photographer and videographer. Pond Hotel July 2nd 2016


A very nice Glasgow family wedding! And what makes a Glasgow wedding stand out from any others? It is the brilliant stand up comedy acts during the soeeches. Did Billy Connelly pick up the technique on frequent trips to weddings or does the best man spend days watching the Big Yin’s videos? I think it’s the ability to laugh at yourself and let everyone see it during the wedding and afterwards when viewing the video! Here is their website www.mrandmrsmcbrideswedding.co.uk, just click the link and no messing around with passwords and no strange secrecy and you will have to view the video (click here) to listen to the speeches.