Mr and Mrs Gibson’s Wedding Photography Package Two


Mr and Mrs Gibson’s Wedding

Saturday July 15th 2017

Lothian Chambers and Clermistion Inn

The super comfortable Mercedes Limo whisked the wonderful bride and father off to the ceremony at Lothian Chambers Registrars Office. Had the the crowds come to see the wonderful couple we wondered? But as true celebs they did not stop to ask but signed a few quick autographs. The ceremony over we got the essential family and guest photography inside the chambers and outside before asking the crowds for calm and a quick getaway to the reception! We got on with welcoming the guests before feasting, eating, drinking and partying to who knows when?

Click this link to see it all on their complimentary website and without boring passwords to go into the photographers website. www.mrandmrsgibsonswedding.co.uk

Mr and Mrs Nimmo’s Wedding Vu Phtotographic and Video Package Three £790


Add Robbie and Lorraine to seven bridesmaids, two flower girls and page boy and you have a team to take on the world. And they did! The fleet of three cars including a stretched limo would have reached to the the half way line.

The boring bits over it was down to party, party, party with a sharp surprise for the bride’s mum who decided it was her birthday on the same day as the wedding! That’s mums for you!

Check our their website click here, check out the video click here, check out the compimentary messages video click here


Mr and Mrs Gallagher’s Wedding Torrance Hotel, May 6th 2017 Photographic and Video Package Three £790


It was difficult to tell who was the happiest, the bride or the groom as there were so many smiles and so much laughter all round it eclipsed the fabulously sunny day. The super shiny Mercedes limo delivered the bride with champagne on the way and more when she arrived. The Humanist ceremony was concluded with a very Scottish tying of the knot, followed by a photo session that included everyone there and probably a few passers by before the speeches, then food and wine in abundance, then a truly great Scottish party with a magic mirror. The website (click here), video (click here) and complimentary messages (click here) video say it all.

Mr and Mrs Agnew’s Wedding Lochside House April 29th 2017 Photographic and Video Package Three £790


The groom and the best man rolled up in a roller and the bride and her Dad secretly rolled out and spent an hour enjoying the Ayrshire countryside! And who would not in a car like that?

When everyone was back at the Lochside all went as planned and even the Rangers 5-1 defeat by Celtic added to the fun as the bride and groom are divided on this issue!

An enormous party closed the day and everyone had a very good time to say the least. The website(click here), video (click here) and complimentary messages (click here) video say it all!

Mr & Mrs Leckies Wedding 21/01/17 Brisbane House Largs. Video and photographic package three


At the wedding, dance and party mecca of the north their wedding it went off with a bang, even without the fireworks that even eclipsed the beautiful sunny day.

The normal run of the wedding over everyone got down to some serious fun including cramming 18 of  into a small single bedroom to marryoke to Beyonce! A hot, tight squeeze with a few in the shower. Shame we never turned it on. Click here to see the fun!

Action speaks louder then words so click here to see the video and just click this link www.mrandmrsleckieswedding.co.uk and you can be there and see it all! No boring, boring, boring passwords required to go into boring, boring, boring,  old school photographers websites. Was that a bit harsh?

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Mr and Mrs Smith’s Wedding December 31st 2016 Dunglass Estate and Church


Do you agree to love, honour and obey these dogs at all times? If so sign here! All went exceedingly well during this fabulously, crazy wedding and even the weather did everyone a favour because beautiful, old Dunglass Church has lost its doors and windows and legend has it they are in Westminster Abbey along with the … Stone!

The “Bells” were yet half a day away and the DJ played on! Club, waltz, disco, ceilidh, slosh and even line dancers were there for a wonderful “Hogmanay” surprise… fireworks to welcome 2017. To view our testimonials click this link and to  visit their website and be totally upto speed you just have to click this link and you are there. www.mrandmrssmithswedding.co.uk

Mr and Mrs Couser’s Wedding October 9th 2016 Piersland House Troon


It was a great day for everyone! Even the neighbours joined in before the longest limo in Ayrshire levered its way out of Mauchline. It carried the beautiful Ayrshire weather to the coast where the Piersland had the day planned to perfection. The bride and the groom where just a little nervous (slight understatement!) after all it is a very big day in everyone’s life but the wonderful flower girl took in her stride. Photography completed, meeting and greeting over it was onto the most important part of the day. Feasting, drinking and dancing in true Scottish style and magnitude. But before that the speeches and great stand up comedy. To view their testimonial click this link and to visit their website its easy peasy to click the link which is so much better than all that visiting the photographer’s site, add user name, add password and before you know it you have lost the will to live! So here you go and you will very, very soon be upto speed with all that happened!  www.mrandmrscouserswedding.co.uk

Glynhill Hotel, Glasgow Wedding Photographer and Videographer Package 3


They have loveliest family and the most wonderful friends but did they have to party so long and so hard? Did it have to be the rave of the century? Did there have to be a day after? Well what are friends and family for but to make the bride and groom suffer? Everyone made it a fabulous day and night to remember before the bride and groom headed off to Las Vegas for loads of fun in the sun and as many Elvis look-a-likes as there slot machines. And while they were away we put up their website so they could view in Las Vegas and no matter how big your mustang how many brides and grooms have their own website? view it here and right now by clicking this link www.mrandmrsquigleyswedding.co.uk

August 21st 2016 Rosslea Hall Hotel Package 3


A fusion of east and west, marrying the traditions of two cultures in an amazing and colourful wedding ceremony. It was a creative, solemn, exchange of vows that was individual and all the more binding. And after that it was party on with another fusion, this time of music and dancing. As you can imagine the bride and groom have friends and relatives from all over the world and they can all very easily view the whole day by simply going into www.mrandmrsfosterwedding.com Just click the link to see how convenient and easy it is. Click here to view video.


Saturday 6th August 2016 Springkell House Lockerbie Package 6 video only


When the bride and groom viewed this video they saw so much more of their wedding day than just the scenes where they were present. It’s a fly on the wall documentary style that captures just about everything that happened so they can appreciate what a great day it was and how much everyone enjoyed it all, even when they were not present as a married couple and even before the ceremony when they were “individuals” waiting for the big moment. View video